Every life comes to an end. And when it does, it leaves behind the complex question of how to best memorialize the loved one we’ve lost. How to celebrate a life and ease the sorrow of its passing.

Remember seeing a face for the first time

Or an entire lifetime shared. When we plan a memorial, we are laying a cornerstone for our memories. A foundation for how we will always remember the person we’ve lost.

Celebrate a life

Tragically short, or long and full, each life has the unique ability to touch those around it. As we move forward without our loved one, it is important to celebrate the gifts they have given us with their lives. The way they made our world better-just by being a part of it.

Heal from the sorrow of loss

What starts here today will be a process of healing that lasts a lifetime. A process that begins with the peace of knowing we have done our best to commemorate the life of someone we love.

Our Belief

At Trigard, we believe in the best. Remembering the best. Celebrating the best. And most of all, in the healing that comes from doing our best. We believe this shines through in our products, our people, and our service. It is our pleasure to provide you with the opportunity to do the very best that you can for your loved one-and our honor to be allowed to participate as you remember, celebrate, and heal.

Always Remember

All things pass away. But memories remain. And when we have lost someone dear to us, remembering their life, and celebrating what they brought to ours, is an integral part of the healing process.


If you or your loved one have chosen cremation, these processes of memorialization and celebration are no less important than if you were planning a traditional burial service. Which is why we at Trigard are pleased to provide you with a variety of cremation memorial options-helping you to choose the best way to remember your loved one. To celebrate their life. And to heal.
Cremation Urn Vault
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