Make a Holiday Time Capsule and Have the Talk of a Lifetime

Any time is a great time to Have the Talk of a Lifetime. The holidays offer a special opportunity for families to talk and to learn more about each other
while everyone is gathered together. Here’s an activity that can help your family (and the families you serve) start The Talk and create new memories that will be invaluable when the time comes to honor a loved one.

Making a holiday time capsule is a great way to strengthen family bonds and preserve treasured memories, while creating new opportunities for future holidays, when it’s time to re-open the capsule, and share again.

What should you put in a time capsule?
The contents are up to you and your family! You could include:

  • Favorite family recipes used for preparing your feast
  • A list of family members participating
  • Things you’re grateful for
  • Notes about significant events that happened in the past year, such as the birth of a child, graduations, weddings, etc.
  • A copy of the newspaper from that day
  • A list of each person’s favorite holiday memories
  • Pictures, drawings or notes to make the experience more personal and memorable
  • Use your imagination! You can include as much as you like!

How to pack your capsule
Place items in a sealed container or plastic bag to protect items from moisture and mold. You can then place the bag/container in a box that you can decorate and store it in a safe place with your other fall holiday decorations. Be sure to mark the date on the container using the label included above, or make your own!

When to open your time capsule
We recommend that you wait at least five years to open your time capsule. You’ll be amazed at how much can change in that time! You could make this an annual event and create a new holiday time capsule each year. Opening the time capsule and going through the memories together is sure to create even more valuable opportunities to reminisce and share stories.

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