Keepsake for infant casket vault

Trigard is offering a one-of-a-kind committal ceremony for families who have lost an infant or toddler.

“It’s not unusual for families to add a toy to a little one’s casket,” said Rich Darby, Tigard Chief Operating Officer and funeral director. “We have created a ceremony that forever connects that toy with individual keepsakes for everyone attending the service.”

The Remembrance Bear Ceremony revolves around a stuffed teddy bear that is gently tucked into Trigard’s Serenity casket vault combination. The casket vault’s cover is personalized with an Appliqué including the loved one’s name, dates and a photograph of the teddy bear.

At the graveside, a minister or family member reads a poem that invites friends and family to say final goodbyes as they take a Trigard Teddy Bear Memory Ring (seen right.) These one-inch, pewter rings have a teddy bear-shaped hole in the center. Around the edge are the words: Remember. Celebrate. Heal. The ring can be placed on a key chain, turned into a necklace or simply kept in a pocket. Keepsake poem cards are also available.

“The Remembrance Bear Ceremony provides closure and new memories that are forever etched into a family’s hearts. It is a unique funeral service that you can only get with Trigard,” added Darby.

For more information about the Trigard Serenity casket vault combinations or the Remembrance Bear Ceremony, call 800-637-1992.

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