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Find peace of mind with a Trigard Burial Vault

When you've lost a loved one, choosing a casket can be one of the biggest decisions you make.
A Trigard burial vault protects the casket after burial.


4 Layers of Protection


3 Layers of Protection

Healing Tree

3 Layers of Protection


3 Layers of Protection


2 Layers of Protection


2 Layers of Protection


1 Layer of Protection
Infant | Child

Vault Features


  • Reinforced vault
  • Tongue and groove seal with rubber (butyl tape)
  • Arched cover for beauty and strength
  • Vacuum formed polymer liner
  • Heavy polymer exterior liner (Ultimate Protection)


  • Nameplate
  • Military Honors
  • Words, symbols and photographs (Applique)


  • Decorative exterior
  • Corner columns and moldings
  • Metal wrap on cover
  • Metal interior wrap
Feature ComparisonEstate™Trilogy™Aegean™Reflection™Elite™
Reinforced Vault
Tongue and groove design with tape seal
Painted finish on concrete exterior
Vacuum formed polymer liner
Personalized nameplate
Decorative handles
Decorative exterior
Heavy polymer exterior liner (Ultimate Protection)
Decorative corner columns and moldings
Metal wrap on cover
Metal interior wrap (stainless steel, copper, or bronze)

Burial Vault Protection

Inside every Trigard® burial vault is a polymer liner that provides long-lasting protection against earth, water and other subsoil elements. When you choose a Trigard burial vault, rest assured that you have given your very best as you commemorate the life of someone you love.

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Our Guarantee

At Trigard, giving the best is an idea that starts with our vault design and continues through to the value we place on the successful celebration of a life. The polymer liner, tape seal and concrete reinforced design of every Trigard burial vault, combine to protect a family’s loved one and the investment in their casket. Every Trigard vault is backed by a warranty.

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