Personalize an Urn Vault


Personalize your graveside ceremony with a Trigard custom photo Appliqué. Our background images have been carefully selected to serve as backdrops to your cherished family photos. Choose from our library or blend two together.

Appliqué Emblems

Choose an emblem and let our graphic designers create a beautiful tribute for your loved one. To be placed on any Appliqué.

With Honors Military Options

Whether your loved one has served and retired, or fallen in the line of duty, our military options allow you to pay tribute to their service. A metal flags and emblems kit or an Appliqué are meaningful ways to recognize the sacrifices made for our freedom.

Aegean Healing Tree Urn

Aegean Healing Tree Urn Vault & Ceremony

Trigard’s interactive Healing Tree urn vault and ceremony gives families the chance to pause and remember by reading a poem and take a Memory Ring home with them as a keepsake.

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