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Find peace of mind with a Trigard urn vault.

When you’ve lost a loved one choosing an urn vault can be one of the biggest decisions you make. The polymer liner, butyl tape seal and the design of a Trigard urn vault combine to protect a family’s loved one and the investment in their urn. Every Trigard urn vault is backed by a warranty.


  • Immediate and secure seal
  • Reinforced urn vault
  • Vacuum formed polymer liner
  • Heavy polymer exterior liner
  • Metal interior and cover wrap


  • Nameplate
  • With Honors
  • Appliqués (words, photos and emblems)


  • Decorative exterior
  • Corner columns and moldings
  • Metal interior and cover wrap
Immediate and secure seal
Decorative exterior
With Honors option
Vacuum formed polymer liner
Reinforced urn vault
Appliqué optionTopTop or sideTopTop or side
Decorative corner columns and moldings
Healing Tree Ceremony optionWhite marble only
Metal interior and cover wrap (bronze, copper or stainless steel)
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