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Aegean® Urn Vault

Outer Layer of Polymer + Concrete + Polymer Liner = 3 Layers of Protection

The classic beauty of carved stone makes the Aegean® cremation urn vault one of Trigard’s most popular choices. Families can choose from simulated rose granite or white marble finishes. Intricate moldings and decorative corner columns complete the timeless look of this vault.

This simulated stone exterior is also another layer of protection. When combined with Trigard’s patented arched, reinforced cover, the exterior increases the structural integrity of the urn vault. The Aegean represents a leap forward in protection.

White Marble Aegean cremation urn vault
Aegean Ultra Cremation Urn Vault

Aegean® Ultra Urn Vault

Aegean Ultra can be shipped to you at a low cost

At half the weight of a standard urn vault, the Aegean® Healing Tree Ultra weighs just 52 lbs., and that includes concrete.

Does lightweight mean less strength? Not at all.

The Ultra uses Trigard’s propriety high-strength, low-density concrete, making it just as strong as the other Trigard urn vaults you’ve come to trust.

The decorative simulated white marble or rose granite finish options provide families with the beauty their loved one deserves.

The Ultra is also available with the Elite urn vault.

Aegean Flags Cremation Urn Vault


  • Simulated stone finish
  • Decorative corner column and molding
  • Personal photos and images
  • Personal nameplate
  • Military honors

Safety Features

  • 3 layers of protection
  • Reinforced concrete core
  • Patented arched cover
  • Tongue and groove seal


Options, appearances and prices may vary by area.

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