Healing Tree

Outer Layer of Polymer + Concrete + Polymer Liner = 3 Layers of Protection

Choose a meaningful graveside service with a Trigard Healing Tree™ cremation urn vault. During the interactive committal service, a minister or family member reads the Healing Tree poem. Family and friends are invited to say their goodbyes as they take a dove-shaped Memory Ring®. This pewter keepsake can be placed on a key chain, turned into a necklace or simply kept in a pocket.

The Healing Tree is designed for the white marble Aegean urn vault cover. The poem, a graceful tree design and room for a Memory Ring is carved into the cover plate. Additional rings are placed in a Remembrance Bowl®, which can be held by a loved one, as part of the funeral service. The gentle curve of this hand-crafted bowl allows for safe holding.

The cover can be removed and taken home as a memento. Keepsake poem cards are also available, in English and Spanish. The Healing Tree ceremony provides closure and new memories that are forever etched into a family’s hearts. It is a unique funeral service that you can only get with Trigard.


  • Metal cover & interior
  • Hand Painted Exterior
  • Decorative corner column and molding
  • Personal photos and images on the side
  • Personal nameplate

Safety Features

  • 3 layers of protection
  • Reinforced concrete core
  • Patented arched cover
  • Tongue and groove seal


Options, appearances and prices may vary by area.

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