Aegean® Healing Tree® Urn Vault

Outer Layer of Polymer + Concrete + Polymer Liner = 3 Layers of Protection

Choose a meaningful graveside service with the Trigard Healing Tree cremation urn vault. During the interactive committal service, a minister or family member reads the special Healing Tree poem. Family and friends are invited to say their goodbyes as they take a dove-shaped Memory Ring® as a keepsake. This pewter keepsake can be placed on a key chain, turned into a necklace or simply kept in a pocket.

The Healing Tree is designed for the white marble Aegean urn vault cover. The poem, a graceful tree design and room for a Memory Ring is carved into the cover plate. Additional rings are placed in a Remembrance Bowl, which can be held by a loved one, as part of the funeral service.

The cover can be removed and taken home as a remembrance token. Keepsake poem cards are available in English and Spanish. The Healing Tree ceremony provides closure and new memories that are forever etched into a family’s hearts. It is a unique funeral service that you can only get with Trigard.

Aegean Healing Tree Ultra Urn Vault

At half the weight of a standard urn vault, the Aegean Healing Tree Ultra weighs just 52 lbs., and that includes concrete. It can be shipped to you at a low cost.

Does lightweight mean less strength? Not at all.

The Ultra uses Trigard’s propriety high-strength, low-density concrete, making it just as strong as the other Trigard urn vaults you’ve come to trust.

The decorative simulated white marble or rose granite finish options provide families with the beauty their loved one deserves.


  • Metal cover & interior
  • Hand Painted Exterior
  • Decorative corner column and molding
  • Personal photos and images on the side
  • Personal nameplate

Safety Features

  • 3 layers of protection
  • Reinforced concrete core
  • Patented arched cover
  • Tongue and groove seal


Options, appearances and prices may vary by area.

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