Why a Vault

Why a Cremation Urn Vault?

While you probably understand the role of an urn, you may not know the important role of an urn vault. Trigard lined cremation urn vaults are designed to hold the weight of the earth, and more importantly, to protect your loved one after burial.

Protected Urn

The daily use of heavy cemetery equipment and the gravity of the earth exert a force that exceeds what an unprotected urn can handle. The average weight of a backhoe is 14,000 pounds. This pressure added to the already present soil pressure stresses the importance of a quality burial vault.

Trigard’s cover, the thickest in the industry, helps the vault withstand the stresses each vault incurs from delivery to the interment. Trigard’s down and out cover design helps distribute the weight of the soil to the vault’s perimeter for a better seal.

What you need to know

  • A backhoe is the preferred choice for the opening of the grave.
  • A vault protects the urn from the downward soil pressure caused by the backhoe to and from the gravesite.
  • Trigard’s cover design adds strength to protect the urn from continuous downward force of the soil.
Trigard Vault Protection

Concrete Box VS Lined, Sealed Urn Vault

Trigard Urn Vault

  • Has a secure seal and a polymer liner
  • Protects from exposure to outside elements
  • Prevents the earth from collapsing
  • Adds a polymer liner to concrete to prevent breakage
  • Includes a warranty
  • Includes multiple layers of protection for your loved one’s urn from external elements

Concrete Box

  • Has no seal or liner
  • Has drainage holes in the bottom
  • Only prevents the earth from collapsing
  • May break down over time
  • Has no warranty
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