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Trigard Freight Policy

Stop & Read!
Review our freight policy and avoid denied freight claims.
Freight Claims (lost, misplaced, missing, stolen or damaged freight)

One of the realities of shipping large items is the high incidence of freight damage. At Trigard, it is our policy to file claims on your behalf. In order for Trigard to successfully file these claims in a timely manner, we are asking you to read the guide below.

When the manufacturer completes production and the shipment is loaded on to the freight carrier’s truck, the carrier then accepts the freight and signs for it as:

  • Being undamaged
  • Having a specific carton count (number of pieces)
  • Packaged properly

At this point, the manufacturer’s responsibility ends, and the carrier’s responsibility begins. It is then the carrier’s responsibility to deliver the freight:

  • Undamaged
  • With the piece count as listed on the bill of lading

When the freight arrives at your door, it is your responsibility to check for obvious damage or missing items. Please inspect condition and contents of freight immediately upon receipt.

When receiving a shipment that is damaged, improperly packaged, or has an incorrect carton count:
Accept the Shipment
  • Note the damaged or missing items on delivery receipt BEFORE the carrier leaves your facility
  • Contact Trigard at your earliest convenience.

Please note claims cannot be filed after 5 days of receipt.

Refuse the Shipment

If you wish to refuse the shipment, contact Trigard BEFORE the carrier leaves your facility.

Concealed Damage
In absence of visible damage, you have 5 business days to inspect for concealed damage or missing/incorrect items. If discovered, please contact Trigard for further instruction.

To avoid freight problems, it is imperative that everyone in your organization that is accepting freight shipments, understand these issues.

Failure to report damage properly will result in denied freight claims. Trigard cannot be held responsible for denied claims if the recipient does NOT follow the steps outlined above.

Filing Freight Claims can be a very difficult, time-consuming, job-delaying and frustrating process. We hope this information proves useful to you in clarifying some of those mysterious ‘gray areas’ of liability and responsibility, and serves to simplify the filing process of any future freight claims.
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