Background Images

Adding a photo applique to an Aegean is a wonderful way to celebrate a life and offer a personalized service. Here are a couple ways to get started. 

You can order a standard or customized (up to 4 family photos) applique from Trigard. Please note that the request and approval need to be in by 12:00 noon CST to be shipped overnight. Call 800-637-1992 for details. 

If you have your own large format printer and trimmer, we offer free access to our background images! Warning: These are large files. 

  1. Click link to go to private Google Drive.
  2. Choose your file or folder and "right click" on it.
  3. Choose "Save Image As." 

 Click to see background images

Some dealers work with a local sign shop to print background images on adhesive vinyl. You may give the Trigard background images to the printer, but we ask that you include our usage policy, which states that the sign shop DOES NOT have permission to use the images with anyone else but you. Click and download the image usage policy. (Be sure to update it with your company name.) 

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