Remember. Celebrate. Heal.

At Trigard, we believe the best way to memorialize is to Remember, Celebrate & Heal. This philosophy is perhaps best represented by our community involvement. By supporting causes dedicated to healthy memorialization, we’re making a difference in the communities where we live and work.

We support students through scholarships

We are committed to building a strong, caring future for the death care profession. That is we offer select scholarships to men and women seeking a career as a funeral director. Visit our scholarship application page for details and eligibility guidelines.  

We support Operation Honor Guard

Members of the United States military commit to a life of service, dedication, and sacrifice. These heroes have earned the right to be buried with military honors. Unfortunately, many Honor Guards lack the funds and resources necessary to properly say farewell to these men and women. Operation Honor Guard, NFP provides charitable assistance to organizations that provide military funerals for veterans and service members.

We support Have the Talk of a Lifetime

Having the talk of a lifetime can make the difference of a lifetime. It can help reacquaint us with our loved ones and help us get to know them in a new and different way. Finding a way to start talking with a loved one may be the most difficult part; however, we might find that once the conversation starts, it may be hard to stop.

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