Cherished Companion Pet Memorialization

Cherished Companions

In life, they were faithful, unfailing companions. Our furred and feathered friends play a special role in our lives. They are members of our families in ways we can’t fully explain, and when they pass from this life, they are dearly remembered and deeply missed. We offer a variety of pet memorialization options to celebrate your pet's life.

Tranquility Pet Casket Vault Combination

The Tranquility casket vault features handcrafted 100% cotton plaid interiors and a sunburst cover design. These durable caskets are made of high impact polymer and feature a butyl tape seal to ensure a secure, final resting place for your devoted companions.

Tranquility casket vaults are available in 18, 24 and 31 inch sizes.

  • 18 inch: ideal for small pets such as birds, gerbils, hamsters and lizards.
  • 24 inch: will accommodate cats, rabbits and small dogs.
  • 31 inch: designed for larger animals.

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