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Is a Cremation Niche right for you?

A cremation niche is ideal to for families who want to visit their loved one’s final resting place. A niche is a structure with recessed compartments for placing the cremation urn permanently. Trigard offers a choice of niches to meet your mausoleum or cemetery needs.

Why Choose a Trigard Niche™?

  • Answer the challenge of the rising popularity of cremation
  • Incorporate versatility, economy & beauty
  • Are an affordable investment that yield significant rewards
  • Offer our team of experts & virtual mock-ups

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Niche Tower

Whether you need one unit or are designing an entire memorial garden, Trigard’s scalable Niche Tower is easily to assemble and maintain.

Strong, secure and beautifully finished in granite panels, Trigard’s Niche Towers provide a flexible solution for cremation memorialization.

Within the footprint of one traditional grave, you can give dozens of families a beautiful place to share memories.

Our scalable, multistage system is easily shipped and assembled, whether you require only one unit or are designing an entire memorial garden.

Tower - Outside


Trigard’s Monu-Niche gives families a place to visit their loved ones’ cremated remains.

It is designed as a monument that sits on a small footprint, maximizing the value of your cemetery space.

Our Monu-Niche system allows for 12 memorial spaces.

It is built on a solid granite base and can be enhanced with personalized bronze cover plates and optional flower vases.

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Niche Wall

Tight spaces aren’t a problem with the Trigard Niche Wall. This slim, free-standing wall offer a small-footprint option for any mausoleum.

A custom Trigard Niche Wall can transform overlooked nooks into usable space. A Niche Wall can wrap around corners, fit into alcoves and flank doorways.

Custom-designed for your unique facility, a Niche Wall will add value to your property and give families a cherished place for cremated remains.

Trigard Niche products are affordable solutions for funeral and cemetery professionals looking to provide elegant memorialization for families choosing cremation.

Trigard Niche Wall

Ready to get started?

Send us a picture of your space and our team of graphic artists will help you imagine the possibilities with a virtual mock-up.

Call your Trigard representative today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

A cremation niche is an above ground burial space to hold cremated remains. It can be in the form of a columbarium, a mausoleum, or an above-ground vault. Often times this area is available for visitation for friends and families members.

The cost of a columbarium niche varies considerably based on their location, the niche itself and the local market pricing. A single niche for one urn can cost several hundred dollars, while a larger companion niche can cost in the thousands. Need an estimate on prices? Contact us today!

Contact your local Trigard Dealer to find a columbarium or cremation niche for sale. Our graphic designers are able to create a brilliant mockup of what our niche would look like in your facility!

Cremation niches are available for urns in sizes for individuals (single), companions (double), and family size (four).  For cemeteries interested in purchasing a niche for your location, please contact us today.

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