Cremation Niche

A cremation niche is ideal to for families who want to visit their loved one’s final resting place.
A niche is a structure with recessed compartments for placing the cremation urn permanently.
Trigard offers a choice of niches to meet your mausoleum or cemetery needs.
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Tight spaces aren’t a problem with the Trigard Niche Wall. This slim, free-standing wall offer a small-footprint option for any mausoleum.

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Whether you need one unit or are designing an entire memorial garden, Trigard’s scalable Niche Tower is easily to assemble and maintain.

Trigard Niches:

  • Answer the challenge of the rising popularity of cremation
  • Incorporate versatility, economy & beauty
  • Are an affordable investment that yield significant rewards
  • Offer our team of experts & virtual mock-ups

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