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Cremation Urn Vaults

Trigard cremation urn vaults have multiple layers of protection including the thickest cover in the industry, a vacuum formed polymer liner, reinforced concrete and a tongue-and-groove tape seal.

We are proud to offer the strongest products in the industry, made in the USA.

Cremation Urn Vaults

Urn Vault Guide

Learn more about how an urn vault benefits your family, the cemetery and your investment.

What is a Cremation Urn Vault?

A cremation urn vault is a lined and sealed concrete receptacle designed to protect your loved one’s urn and cremated remains from outside elements such as water, and downward soil pressure caused by backhoes or other heavy maintenance equipment at the gravesite.

These vaults also help preserve the cemetery or memorial park by preventing the ground from collapsing or settling. If you plan to bury the cremation urn, many cemeteries require it to be placed into a vault enclosure for this very reason.

If you need a bronze or wood urn to place inside of the vault, visit our sister company Trigard Memorials

Concrete Urn Vault

Why Choose an Urn Vault for Burial?

Toughest Vaults in the Industry

Trigard’s cover, the thickest in the industry, helps the urn burial vault withstand the stresses each vault incurs from delivery to the interment. Trigard’s “down and out” cover design helps distribute the weight of the soil to the vault’s perimeter for a better seal.

While you probably understand the need for an urn, you may not know the important role of a vault. Trigard lined vaults are designed to hold the weight of the earth, and more importantly, to protect your loved one’s remains and investment after burial.

Types of Cremation Vaults

Learn more about the different models we offer between basic, enhanced and ultimate protection.

Elite Cremation Urn Vault

Elite® & Ultra

When you choose the Trigard Elite®, you choose the strongest and most beautiful cremation vault available today. The beauty is undeniable when you see the hand-crafted metal interior and cover. Choose stainless steel, copper or bronze. Personal photos, emblems or words of endearment can be added to the metal cover.


Reflection Cremation Urn Vault


There is no denying the beautiful luster of Trigard’s Reflection® urn vault. The base is texturized and hand-painted to reflect light, creating an attractive shine. The beauty of metal continues in the interior, where it adds another layer of protection. Complete the look with a matching, metal cover. Choose stainless steel, copper or bronze. These fine metals are a wonderful background for personal photos, military honors or words of endearment.


Healing Tree Cremation Urn Vault Img

Healing Tree® & Ultra

The Healing Tree is part of a Trigard celebration of life package that allows your family to participate in an interactive graveside ceremony. The Healing Tree includes twenty dove-shaped memory rings, one of which is affixed to the textured urn vault cover plate. After the special poem is read, family and friends can say their goodbyes as they take a memory Ring as a keepsake. The healing tree ceremony provides closure and creates new memories that are forever etched into your heart.


Rose Granite Cremation Urn Vault

Aegean® & Ultra

The classic beauty of carved stone makes the Aegean® one of Trigard’s most popular choices. Families can choose from simulated rose granite or white cultured marble finishes. Intricate moldings and decorative corner columns complete the timeless look of this vault.


Trilogy Cremation Urn Vault


It is easy to reflect a loved one’s style with the many choices available in Trigard’s Trilogy cremation vault. Each vault is hand painted. Paint the cover or choose a simulated marble cover. Choose a textured brown surface or the simulated marble for the interior. The Trilogy vault is a concrete reinforced vault with an arched cover, tongue and groove design, tape seal and thermoformed polymer liner.


Millennium Cremation Urn Vault


The Trigard Millennium cremation urn vault is a lightweight, presentation-oriented alternative to the heavier and more traditional vault structure. Not only is it attractive, in simulated white marble and black marble finishes, but it is also reasonably priced and easy to handle. The Millennium vault is large enough to accommodate most sizes and styles of urns.


Low Profile Urn Vault Trilogy


The Trigard Low-Profile line of burial urn vaults allows for cremated remains to buried one on top of the other. As part of this line, the Aegean version is easy to ship and keep in stock as well.



  • Immediate and secure seal
  • Reinforced vault
  • Vacuum formed polymer liner
  • Heavy polymer exterior liner
  • Metal interior and cover wrap


  • Nameplate
  • With Honors
  • Appliqués (words, photos and emblems)


  • Decorative exterior
  • Corner columns and moldings
  • Metal interior and cover wrap
Cremation Urn Vault Comparison

Customization Options

Add personal images, unique emblems, honors military or a Healing Tree service

Urn Vault Backgrounds Photos

Add Photos & Backgrounds

Personalize your graveside ceremony with a Trigard custom photo Appliqué. Our background images have been carefully selected to serve as backdrops to your cherished family photos. Choose from our library or blend two together.

Urn Vaults Add Personal Emblems

Add Personal Emblems

Choose an emblem and let our graphic designers create a beautiful tribute for your loved one. To be placed on any Appliqué.

Cremation Urn Vaults Military Honors

With Honors Military Options

Whether your loved one has served and retired, or fallen in the line of duty, our military options allow you to pay tribute to their service. A metal flags and emblems kit or an Appliqué are meaningful ways to recognize the sacrifices made for our freedom.

Urn Vault Healing Tree

Healing Tree Urn Vault & Ceremony

Trigard’s interactive Healing Tree urn vault and ceremony gives families the chance to pause and remember by reading a poem and take a Memory Ring home with them as a keepsake.

Concrete Box

Trigard Vault

Frequently Asked Questions

If you plan on burying your urn, some cemeteries do require the use of an urn vault. This is to protect your loved one’s urn and ashes from water, soil and other underground elements, as well as prevent the earth from collapsing due to heavy cemetery maintenance equipment.

The prices of our urn vaults depend on several factors: ‘tier’ of protection, personal photos, backgrounds, emblems, military honors, interior lining, base, cap and cover type or nameplate additions. Work with your local Trigard Vault dealer to get the urn vault of your dreams and find peace of mind at an excellent price.

Every state is different when it comes to burial laws. Check with your local funeral home or cemetery to find out whether urn vaults are required in your state or the cemetery of your choosing.

 What you need to know…

  • A backhoe is the preferred choice for the opening of the grave.

  • An outer burial container protects the casket from the downward soil pressure caused by the backhoe to and from the gravesite.

  • Trigard’s cover design adds strength to protect the urn and loved one’s remains from continuous downward force of the soil.

Find peace of mind with Trigard Urn Vaults

When you’ve lost a loved one choosing an urn vault can be one of the biggest decisions you make. The polymer liner, butyl tape seal and the design of Trigard’s cremation vaults combine to protect a family’s loved one and the investment in their urn or urns. Every Trigard vault is backed by a warranty.

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