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Burial vaults and urn vaults are the secret added value that progressive funeral homes have embraced. Graveside is the last place that family will say goodbye. A personalized vault can make it a memorable and healing experience, one that benefits any family.

Adding beautiful vaults to funeral planning can lead to better served families, stronger reputations and new revenue streams for funeral homes. A meaningful graveside service that families will talk about will set a funeral home apart from the competition.

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Trigard Burial Vault Display

Selection Room Tools

Trigard offers modern wall displays for selection rooms. These displays guide families through decision making. The displays are cost effective, space-saving ways to update a selection room. We know they work too. Funeral homes who have installed the Trigard displays have been surprised at the increased sales.
Trigard University Funeral Director Education

Continuing Education

Trigard offers an educational program called Trigard University in Danville, IL. Funeral directors can see firsthand how vaults are made, how they benefit families and how they can become a positive revenue source. We offer continuing education credits (CEUs) and share new approaches to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

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