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Individuals & Families

Family Owned, Family Focused

At Trigard, we believe in the best; remembering the best, celebrating the best and most of all, in the healing that comes from doing our best. We believe this shines through in our products, our people and our service. It is our pleasure to provide you with the opportunity to do the very best that you can for your loved one, and it is our honor serve as you remember, celebrate and heal.​


Remember seeing a face for the first time or an entire lifetime shared. When we plan a memorial we are laying a cornerstone for our memories and a foundation for how we will always remember the person we’ve lost.


Celebrate a life well-lived. As we move forward without our loved one, it is important to celebrate the gifts they have given us with their lives and how they made our world better just by being a part of it.


Heal from the sorrow of loss. What starts here today will be a process of healing that lasts a lifetime. A process that begins with the peace of knowing we have done our best to commemorate the life of someone we love.
Military Honors

Burial Vaults

Honor your loved ones with the ultimate casket protection of a Lined, Sealed & Warranted Burial Vault from Trigard®.

Urn Vault Applique Custom Wrap

Cremation Urn Vaults

If you or your loved one has chosen cremation, we have many options for protection and personalization that will help you honor a life well lived.

Tranquility Pet Casket Vault

Pet Casket Vaults & Markers

We offer a variety of pet memorialization and protection options to celebrate your pet’s life.

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