Trigard Strong

Trigard’s burial vaults and cremation urn vaults are designed to be the strongest vaults available. However, calculations alone don’t give an accurate picture of how well vault will protect a casket. That’s why Trigard continually conducts tests to gather real data to ensure that our vaults meet – and exceed – the highest quality standards. Here is just one example.

Burial Vault Static Load

Our Goal

To create a strong vault that could withstand a static load of 5,000 pounds per square foot, applied to the top surface.

Burial Vault Testing

The Test

We sent a Trigard Aegean burial vault to the WJE laboratory in Northbrook, IL for strength testing.

The Result

Success! We think the report speaks for itself:

“Several observations were made during the test conducted at the WJE laboratory. First, the specified minimum load carrier of 5000 pounds was not only achieved, but it was exceeded. The maximum load was 13,800 pounds.”

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