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5 Ways to Customize a Burial Vault

Avatar for Ethan Darby Ethan Darby       May 20th, 2020       10:51 am
Signing Vault Applique Clinton

When a loved one passes, the last thing we want are “cookie cutter” services. We want something as unique as the life they lived. We want customization and personalization that adds to the celebration. Products should not be one size fits all either.

I am so proud of the way the burial vault industry has adapted, creating new customization options that make our products unique to the lost loved one.

With some “outside of the box” thinking, we came up with these 5 ways to customize a burial vault:


1. Layers of Protection

The most basic form of customization is the different levels of protection burial vaults can provide.

Using a combination of layers of plastic, concrete, and even metal can help add to the sustainability and protection of burial vaults.

Choose basic protection or choose the highest level of protection to find the peace of mind you and your family are looking for.

2. Paint Colors

Vault dealers often offer a range of standard colors for the exterior of a burial vault, and many will even use custom colors to make your vault stand out.

We’ve seen vaults painted in the colors of a favorite sports team, and we’ve even seen a vault painted to look like a school bus to honor the life of a long-time driver.

Ask your local funeral director what options are available.

Elite Steel Accent Burial Vault

3. Metals

Metals are an elegant way to add personalization to a burial vault.

Find the perfect combination of exterior vault color and metal accents and your burial vault is guaranteed to make a statement at the graveside.

Metal accents are available in bronze, copper and stainless steel.

Ways To Customize A Burial Vault

4. Appliqués, Signatures & Graphics

Graphic Appliqués and signatures are the best way to add some personalization to your burial vault.

Do you have a great photo of your loved one? Choose a background and create a custom vinyl Appliqué that can be added to the side or top of the burial vault. Add name, dates, or more photos to create a custom collage of photos.

A great way to create interaction with the burial vault is to allow family members to sign the Appliqué or vault cover at the graveside. Attendees can write final farewell messages as well.

Special Ceremonies Healing Tree

Special Graveside Ceremonies For Burial

5. Special Ceremonies

Special ceremonies are a great way to create a unique experience and create tradition within your family.

For example, Trigard’s Healing Tree®️ burial vault allows your family to participate in an interactive graveside ceremony. The Healing Tree includes dove-shaped rings that are scattered across the cover of the vault.

After a special poem is read, family and friends can say their goodbyes as they take a memory ring as a keepsake. These rings can be attached to a necklace or bracelet or simply kept in your pocket.

We have a tendency to remember the last item in a series. Since the graveside service is often the last in the series of remembrance ceremonies, it is important that the burial vault leaves a lasting impression, and the best way to do that is customization.

At a local level, customization options may vary. Check with your funeral home to see what options are available in your area.

Avatar for Ethan Darby

Ethan Darby

Ethan is the Marketing Director for Trigard Vaults, Trigard Memorials, Hall of Fame Plaques & Signs, and Sunset Funeral Home and Memorial Park. He graduated from Illinois State University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration before becoming the second member of the 4th generation of the Darby family to join the family-owned company. His experience within the company includes memorial manufacturing, cemetery retail, national cemetery and vault sales, along with plant and customer service management. In his free time, Ethan enjoys hiking, kayaking, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife, Keri, and his daughters, Sawyer and Olivia.

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