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How Much Does a Burial Vault Cost?

Avatar for Ethan Darby Ethan Darby       October 13th, 2019       3:30 pm
Burial Vault Cost

When planning a funeral, there are numerous aspects that must be considered. One of the most important things to think about for the long-term is the burial vault that will be used to protect the casket of your family member or loved one.

There are a handful of factors that go into a burial vault cost. From local laws to industry standards, these burial vaults must meet certain requirements. Once these standards are met, add-ons like embellishments, materials, and the location where the vault will be buried can impact how much someone ends up paying.

3 Factors That Contribute to Burial Vault Cost

You’ll generally find three things involved in calculating the burial vault cost. Because of the various types, sizes, and where they come from, it’s impossible to say the exact price unless you know which features you want and where you are buying it. Burial vaults aren’t all made the same, so you’ll need to determine the exact one you want during your funeral planning process.

Across the country, burial vaults can cost between $1,000 to $10,000 based on their features and add-ons. There are many things to consider, so it is important to understand the differences before you look at any price list.

Burial Vault Supply Chain

1. Supply Chain: Where Do the Burial Vaults Come From?

In most cases, plastic components like the vault liner and accessories are made at one location by a thermoforming company. For instance, the corporate headquarters for Trigard are located in Danville, Illinois. At this plant, strong plastic sheets are vacuumed (thermoformed) into a functioning vault liner.

While there are slight variations between the different materials and methods, thermoforming generally follows a set process. This technique is the most common way for a burial vault liner manufacturer to make the plastic portion of the vault. Other components and accessories are also necessary for things like the concrete pouring process.

Once the components are created, they are shipped to local representatives which include local businesses such as distributors or dealers. These distributors are an extremely important part of the process as they are the local face of the Trigard brand.

Trigard Burial Vault Distributors

Local distributors pour concrete around the plastic components. Other accessories and paint help them finalize the preparation of the vault.

Next, they handle the delivery of the burial vault to the cemetery site. Many of the local distributors will even set up chairs and a tent at the graveyard before sealing the cover of the
vault onto the base. Finally, they lower the vault into the gravesite once the ceremony has been completed.

When it comes to graveside services, funeral directors and cemeteries are typically in charge of handling the point of purchase. The funeral home serves as an intermediary who negotiates with the end consumer and the local distributor for certain goods and services.

Ultimately, the burial vault cost is determined by how close the funeral home, corporate manufacturer, local distributor, and consumer are to each other as this significantly impacts freight costs.

Level Of Protection

2. The Level of Protection

Another contributing factor to the burial vault cost is the casket protection it provides. The National Concrete Burial Vault Association (NCBVA) is in charge of setting the local rules and requirements for this part of the process.

Most cemeteries will require some sort of casket protection in order to maintain the stability of their grounds. The bare minimum protection is something called an outer burial container. The NCBVA defines these as a burial receptacle placed in the ground, in either a sectional, dome, or
box form that helps support the weight of the earth to prevent the ground from collapsing.

Throughout the year, the water table rises and falls with additional rainfall and snow. This would normally cause the outer burial container to rise, but small holes in the container prevent this from happening. Water flowing into the casket space cause the casket to deteriorate quickly.

Concrete Box Vs Burial Vault

The NCBVA defines a concrete burial vault as a lined and sealed concrete burial receptacle which performs all the functions of a grave liner, but in addition, it is designed and constructed using lining and sealing materials to increase the overall tensile strength and reduce or eliminate the intrusion of exterior elements.

The cost of a burial vault will be impacted based on the level of protection it offers. However, outer burial containers provide the minimum level of protection, so they are the most economical. Concrete burial vaults offer multiple layers of protection from the elements. Some even feature up to four layers of protection including multiple layers of plastic and metal sheeting.

Types Of Vaults

3. The Type of Vault

The third factor influencing the burial vault cost is the type of vault. Occasionally, people want aesthetic options for the concrete burial vaults as a means of providing a more memorable graveside service. They may want metal caps, vinyl Appliqués®, metal handles, or emblems.

Consumers may even ask to have the burial vault adorned with photos of their loved one. All of these embellishments can add to the cost of the vault. Alternative options like plastic and steel vaults can also cause the price to vary.

Learn More About the Features and Costs of Burial Vaults

Other than discovering information about the burial vault cost, consumers will also need to decide which features are right for them and understand why they need a vault. Through your local funeral home, you can discover the different materials, styles and price ranges.

Trigard Customer Service Support

Here at Trigard, we are dedicated to providing the best burial vaults for the best value during this emotional point in life. No matter your budget, achieve peace of mind with one of our many lined burial vault options. To learn more about burial vault options, give us a call today at 1 (800) 637-1992. You may also email us at

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  1. Avatar for Debbie Chisholm Debbie Chisholm says:

    I’m looking for prices of a mirrored vault top cover? What are the prices? My father is already buried with a cement vault enclosure but I would like a personalized mirrored top on it, how can I obtain this feature?

    Thanks! Debbie C.

    • Avatar for CustServ CustServ says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I will have one of our sales representatives reach out to you shortly. Thanks for your inquiry!

      -Ethan Darby

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