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5 Benefits of Attending Your Local Trade Show & How Trigard Can Help

Avatar for Trigard Trigard       April 22nd, 2019       3:13 pm
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  1. Remain visible to your current customers. It is important that we engage with our customer base as often as possible. We need to let them know we support the organizations they care about!
  2. Seek out new business. Trade shows are still a great place to find new business. It’s easy to get in the mindset of “X company won’t ever leave the competition,” but all it takes is one bad experience to get them to turn to you. THEY NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT! Trade shows are a great way to get a foot in the door.
  3. Learn what’s new & current in the industry. Take this opportunity to learn what new laws are coming in to play, what trends are taking hold, and what is happening in your local market. You may be surprised to find out how this information may impact your business.
  4. Represent the Trigard brand at a local level. Trigard spends a lot of time, energy, and resources establishing the brand at a national level. It is imperative that we have local representation to support this as well, especially since at least one of your competitors will most likely be representing.
  5. Get away for a day or two. As leaders in your business, it is extremely important to take time to take a break from working IN your business every once in a while so that you can work ON your business. Trade shows are a great opportunity to take a step back and reflect.

You pay shipping only for all kit items, then when they are returned in good condition
(along with the required documents), we’ll have a credit for you.

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We will attend the trade show with you.

If you are apprehensive about attending your first trade show, let us join you in your first experience! As long as we have someone available, we will send them to your location.

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Trigard is a Burial Vault, Cremation Urn Vault & Funeral Product Manufacturer based in Danville, IL. Founded by Jim Darby in the late 1960's, Trigard continues to build strong product, family owned and customer focused.

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