Trigard Dealer Conference 2019

Trigard Dealer Conference

This year's Trigard Dealer Conference was a success!

On behalf of the Darby family and the rest of our team here at Trigard, we want to thank those of you who were able to make it to this year’s conference. 

As I was sitting around talking with some of you, I kept thinking “we are so lucky to get to work with such great people.” I sincerely mean that, and we love that we are supported by great businesses and even better people.

I hope those of you that attended were able to take something home with you and implement it in your business. I know we learn so much every time we gather, and we are already working on a few new concepts we got from listening from listening to YOU.

Those of you that did not attend, don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you 😉! However, we would like to know why you weren’t able to attend, so that we can make it work for our next show.

I hope everyone can take a few minutes to fill out the survey below. Your opinion is so valuable to us, we’d like to give you $25 OFF your next order just for filling out the survey!

– Ethan Darby
Trigard Marketing Director

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Write a Review

Did you enjoy the conference? Tell others your story!

Complete the survey below for a $25 credit towards your next order!

  • Must be submitted by September 1. One $25 credit per company.

    • Trigard Staff
    • Peers
    • Industry Suppliers
    • Non-Industry Keynote Speakers

    • Vacation/Destination
    • Trigard Home Town of Danville, Illinois
    • Regional (Located Near You)
    • Other

    • Human Resource Challenges
    • New Account Strategies & Maintaining Current Accounts
    • Mergers/Aquisitions
    • Adjusting to Cremation/Lower Profit Margins
    • Other

  • Highly SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedHighly DisatisfiedN/A/Did not attend
    Overall Value
  • Had other plans.Couldn't get away from work.I need to know more about it would benefit me.Danville is too far for me to travel.Other


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