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Trigard Dealers Recognized for Excellence

Avatar for Trigard Trigard       July 28th, 2017       5:17 pm
Trigard Dealers Recognized for Excellence

We at Trigard are blessed to have dealers who have not only risen to the challenge in our business, but also excel in new and exciting ways. During the Trigard Convention, we recognized some of these people.

  • Wilkes-Barre Burial Vault, Outstanding Growth in the Small Business Division
  • Paschal Burial Vault Service, Outstanding Growth in the Mid-Size Division
  • Southside Grave & Vault, 3rd Highest Growth in the Large Division
  • Roberts Vault Company, Second Highest Growth in the Large Division
  • Chesapeake Burial Vault Company, Highest Growth in the Large Division
  • Watts Vault and Monument, Highest Sales Volume

Sometimes, our accomplishments cannot be measured in numbers. Sometimes it’s something that is just something inside us. Something that causes you to look at someone and say, “Hey, that guys just gets it!” That’s why we have the Trigard “You Get It Award.” This year, we did something we’ve never done before; we gave two of these awards.

The “You Get It Award” goes to Handley Precast Systems, Inc. This is a company who knows what it means to be full-service. Handley Precast embraces the entire Trigard product line. From Serenity vaults to bronze memorials, they provide great service, true professionalism and smiles. Lots and lots of smiles!

Clinton Excavation & Burial Vault LLC also received the “You Get It Award.” Clinton Hedgepeth embodies everything about #TeamTrigard. From taking the lead on social networks, to his legendary Christmas parties for customers, to helping out a fellow dealer with a rush applique, Hedgepeth is a role model and team player all in one.

Congratulations to all our award recipients and everyone on Team Trigard who had a winning year!

Trigard Vault Dealer Spotlight

Trigard Dealer Spotlight

Trigard Vault Dealer Spotlight

Trigard Dealer Spotlight

Trigard Vault Dealer Spotlight

 Trigard Dealer Spotlight

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Trigard is a Burial Vault, Cremation Urn Vault & Funeral Product Manufacturer based in Danville, IL. Founded by Jim Darby in the late 1960's, Trigard continues to build strong product, family owned and customer focused.

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