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James Jefferson: Bonus Materials

Avatar for Trigard Trigard       July 28th, 2017       5:26 pm

When interviewing dealers, we sometimes ask the light-hearted question about employees… “Who is your favorite?” James Jefferson, owner of the Southside Grave and Vault Inc. in Skipwith, Virginia, had no problem answering the question.

“One would be Marcus “Big Boy” Coles. Marcus goes above and beyond. At times when you have a whirlwind going on, and you don’t know how you’re going to get through the day, Marcus makes things happen.”

Marcus "Big Boy" Coles

“Robert Jefferson is the other one. He is my first cousin. He is another guy who will do whatever it takes to make things happen.”

Robert Jefferson

Great job guys!

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Trigard is a Burial Vault, Cremation Urn Vault & Funeral Product Manufacturer based in Danville, IL. Founded by Jim Darby in the late 1960's, Trigard continues to build strong product, family owned and customer focused.

One response to “James Jefferson: Bonus Materials”

  1. Avatar for Barbara Finley Barbara Finley says:

    I know James and Willieanna for many many years, being proud of both of them is not saying much because you have to know them! They are amazing couple, professional, family oriented , respectful, supportive of his community as he loved his fellow man. I cannot say enough about them but as a citizen in Mecklenburg County , I know they are honest and God’s children so keep on striving ! Love y’all .

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